3 shows left

No WAY. I can’t believe my last post was after the first two shows, and now there are only three left. How can it be? I knew it would be over eventually, but…it didn’t seem possible either.

Anyway, not over yet. I’m staying at Borthwick Castle, can’t begin on how magical this place is, will post pics as soon as I possibly can. There’s been little internet or phone access which is why my posts have been few and far between. Now I have access again, so here I am. Pics, not sure I’ll have time to weed through before I leave Edinburgh, but hope to post more soon. Certainly have been taking plenty! Scotland is so extraordinary, the sky, I never get tired of looking at it and how it contrasts the buildings with their intricate weatherveins and gingerbread details, and of course, the chimney pots.

As far as festival, I’m having such a ball, but it’s not at all how I imagined. I’m learning where my strengths and weaknesses are as an artist, and my strengths are strengthening (voice, improvising with audience). My areas of less experience are improving, (not telling you what those are, silly billies) and when doing the things I like least, like the necessary evil of flyering, which is standing on the street and pedaling yourself. Ick, what could be worse? But I’m learning SO MUCH from that process. When I don’t do it, when I leave it to others that don’t know the show, it’s ineffective. When I connect with people in a positive way, inviting them to my show because I think they’ll enjoy it, I get audience. Face it, if I don’t believe in it, why should they? My mother’s hair must be curling reading this, she’s been telling me this my whole life!

Also, the process of flyering caused me to meet many lovely people and artists and make some friends I hope to keep. It’s an integral part of learning the city, the other venues and performers, getting my bearings.

Press has been really quiet on the show. That’s a shame, there’s some chance reviews will still come out, we’ll see. I think they’ll be good if they exist somewhere, but one never knows what others enjoy or appreciate. I feel very good about the show, loads of people have approached with thanks saying they want to persue writing their book, but they’re stuck at the secretary job, or they dream of starting a school, but they’re sheep shearing or whatever it is. So I sense this thing has purpose, and I doubt we’re done with it. When I return to New York I plan to develope it further with help from my co-writer, Bernadette Daly, and some other coaches and directors I respect.

I absolutely love the community of EdFringe, the artists struggling together and supporting eachother has been really heartening. We all have had days with two people in the audience, (not many thank god) we all have had days with full houses that reacted like oil paintings, and we all have hugged eachother and said, I know, I know…

And we’ve all had some glory. Absolutely gems of glory where a kid asks for your autograph, or someone giggles at something you thought no one would get, or your flyering a line for a six hundred seat theater and someone says, OH I saw this yesterday, was GREAT!!! and everyone in the line reaches for a flyer.

Being here’s a little like a glamourous non-violent war situation in that it’s such an intense experience, not sure how to go home, and I don’t want it to end, yet of course I can’t wait to get home at the same time. And I can give wisps of impressions, but will never be able to fully explain what this was like.

All I can do is try to live up to it by improving and continuing and growing some more, bringing all I’ve learned to the next adventure.

Now on a more important note. I can’t stop eating Haggis. I LOVE the stuff. Don’t tell me what’s in it, I don’t want to know, I don’t care at all. I’ve had haggis burgers, haggis buritos, haggis stuffed chicken, and my favorite at Rabbie Burns Cafe and Bar, Haggis and Neeps. (Neeps are turnips! I LOVE turnips!) Also, Iron Brew. Relax, many of you know I don’t drink, but iron brew, is a soft drink, tastes like a cream soda, but better and more fun to order! So I now wear a kilt given me by Paul at Rabbie Burns, it’s just like the ones his staff wear, I have a tartan cape, I eat haggis all day everyday, all I need is one of those mini daggers the Scot’s keep in their socks.

Happy happy girl. Love you for reading. please write back below and tell me what’s up in your world.

xoxoxox Dana


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  • Hi Dana

    Maggie’s pal kenny here. Just to say it was great to meet you and I loved the show. Was thinking the other day about it and its made me see my co-workers in a new more sympathetic light.

    It was a cracking show, loved the Coinstar song, that brought back memories, as did Party like a rockstar.

    Take care and hope to cya again sometime.

    • Kenny, thank you so much for your comment! We were barely reviewed in Edinburgh for the Fringe, but your review matters more than critics anyway, because this is the hope, yo connect with people. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know you enjoyed it. Xoxox we loved having you there.


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