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Dana McCoy has been composing music since she was ten. Her first festival film score is for “3 Muses” by Marcia Haufrecht. It’s making the rounds now and has just won its 17th award, four of which are specifically for McCoy’s original score. Those four are from Cannes, Toronto, Boston, and a Global! Not on the poster yet is the most recent at Manhattan Film Festival, where it won Best Artistic Short Film. What will she do with the treasure trove of material she’s been writing all this time? 🙂

3 Muses Awards Poster

A  song off McCoy’s Solo Album, “Taking Shape” is prominently featured in the blockbuster film City of Industry with Harvey Keitel.

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McCoy was proud to have two of her songs featured in this wonderful forward thinking romantic comedy by Eric Schaeffer.


Rosie O’Donnell featured Dana on her live television show with Dana’s song Kiss Goodbye.


When the pandemic hit, the Ukulele Cabaret took the show online and all its members became far more adept at creating video, the show became an online Television show, on which McCoy was regularly featured. Her performances of Mary Tyler Moore’s Theme, That Dress Don’t Fit No More from her original Rock Musical Prom Queens, and many others can be found at


McCoy enjoyed scoring the play “A Woman’s Heart”, for which she fashioned a story from Judith Partelowe’s beautiful poetry, supported by original compositions of Dana’s for transitions and featured throughout. This production at the prestigious Cotuit Center for the Arts was lauded as one of the season’s best competing with many Broadway folk summering in Cape Cod.


McCoy loved taking a children’s story by another of her favorite film, tv and playwrights, Jody O’Neil, and turning it into a musical she got to direct by the ocean.

How good is life?

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McCoy’s first score is still one of her favorites, a student project with Filmmaker Stephen Leeper at the Museum School in Boston. Come to think of it this was an award winner as well, as it was selected from all the talent at the school to be screened the the top films for graduation. It can be viewed on Vimeo.

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