Featherweight Productions

Featherweight Productions is a boutique company that’s produced outstanding creative work in NYC since 1990; theatre, post production (editing and scoring) for television and film, live music events and on. Featherweight Team:

Dana McCoy – Founding Director

Dana McCoy has trained and garnered substantial experience and credentials in music, theatre and film. She is a chart- topping songwriter, renowned singer/performer, playwright and producer. For decades she has consistently turned out award winning product both independently and for corporate clients such as Virgin, Miramax and MTV.

Jon Asher – COO

Jon served as an officer of the Navy during Viet Nam, retired as a director from IBM after 30 years, has grown several mid size and start up IT companies into large, lucrative businesses, and currently serves on the advisory committee of the historic town he calls home in New England.

Independent Productions:

Production/Marketing clients

Commercial Clients: Music Composition


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