McCoy performing at her favorite night club, Fez, NYC

Post Mercury Lounge Performance, Pre Rosie O’Donnell Show “Live” segment.


Randy Jones, founder of Disco Sensation YMCA in green room after Channel 5 Performance of Randy’s latest Single,

“Hard Times” choreographed and performed with Dana McCoy


McCoy sings her haunting version of the Beatles’ “Because” for a video shot at Nell’s in NYC

Dana Diva Nell's Video

McCoy singing naughty songs at Young Pals Recording Studio, NYC

with Producers Bernadette O’Reily and Ayhan Sahin.

Too much fun in the studio

McCoy with her signature Blue Uke at 169 Bar, NYCl-6_2

McCoy on the Staten Island Ferry with Lady Liberty in the background as she has just thrown all her corporate clothes in the river during video shoot for “How Did I Get Here” from her Original Rock Musical “Cube Rat”

Halloween at a Castle in Yonkers


2 Responses to “Photos

  • I LOVE YOU, Rock Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Dana,

    Whers that great image of you doing an etude en pointe way back when? I’m still dancing and thinking of Pam….


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