Grammy Nomination for song about Skylar Neese.

Sky by Albert Bouchard, Featuring Dana McCoy has been nominated for a Grammy. If you or anyone you know are a Grammy voter, please find the song in the for your consideration section of the Grammy Pro website, and if you like it, consider voting for the underdog.  If you’re a civilian, you could hear the song Sky HERE at CD Baby.

Albert founded classic rock band Blue Oyster Cult with his brother Joe, and the two now play in Blue Coupe with Alice Cooper Hall of Fame bassist, Dennis Dunaway. Dana has sung with them at dirty saloons as well as Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park.

Albert was asked by a friend to write a song in honor of his daughter, Skylar Neese, who was murdered by her friends in the woods. Albert sings the narration of the story, and McCoy sings the role of Skylar Neese during the evening of the horrific attack.

This is Skylar.


This project has been nominated out of many thousands of entries, but it’s up against opponents with massive power and machinery behind them. We believe the song to be incredibly worthy, and hope you will agree and support it’s seed of a chance. This would be amazing for, not only all of the musicians involved, but for the family and memory of Skylar, and to bring awareness to the need for prevention of adolescent violence.

Thank you for your time and support!

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