Cube Rat


Dana McCoy is a Billboard Album of the Year winner and Virgin Records artist who has triumphantly appeared on comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s American chat show and been adoringly profiled in all major media.

Now – drum roll please – she works in an office cubicle.

But though Dana has gone from riding a tour bus to being a desk jockey, the laughs (and tunes) keep (rockin’ and) rolling.

Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ  is here to bridge the gap between what people think their lives should be and what they actually are, hopefully without inciting too many suicides along the way.

Dana was born singing and dancing, and has trained in all the disciplines of performance since then: Ballet, Modern and Jazz at the North Carolina School of the Arts; Musical Theatre training at Boston Conservatory; then the Cleo Lane Vocal Scholarship and Berklee Grant to study composition, voice and performance at Berklee College of Music. Since school Dana has toured as a singer/songwriter and performer in the US, UK and Europe, been a staple on the New York City music scene singing in recording studios and clubs, and as one might expect, her live shows always include various forms of dance.

Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ  features a score co-produced by Roger Greenwalt, the owner of Shabby Road Studios in Brooklyn, NY, and Graham Spence, producer at Murder Mile Studios in London, who will appear alongside Dana for this Edinburgh run.

Greenwalt is known for discovering singer Ben Kweller, working with acts as diverse as Rufus Wainwright and Ric Ocasek and performing all 185 original Beatles songs on ukulele in one day.

Graham Spence has either produced or engineered a plethora of UK artists including Alcatraz Spoon and Urban Voodoo Machine.

With Roger and Graham’s able assistance, Dana has put together a show so good, she may have to use up all her sick days performing it.

“Her hypnotic music and lyrics…a surprisingly unique, thoroughly captivating marriage of torch, blues and pop…Clearly she’s on her way.” – Manhattan Magazine.


Venue: Rabbie Burns Cafe and Bar, Venue 73

Time: 18:30 (1h)

Dates: 6th – 27th


Calvin Wynter | Inbrook   

020 7669 4103  (diverts to mobile)



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