MoM. We did it.

Stef Seskin, Jane Keitel, Donna Jean Fogel, Bekka Lindstrom, and Dana McCoy

 Wow. What a rush. I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am to have sung and performed with these fine women. How many people get to do what they love with people they love? What could possibly be more like flying? It was a three week Off-Broadway run, a chance for producers and investors to see us, and many did. And we’ll see what happens next. The dust will have to settle and a plan will form. Right now I’m just enjoying the stardust (or is it just sleep) in my eyes. I stretched and reached and grew. It ached at times but my friends were there and I was there for them too. I know all of us are better for this experience.

For this I thank Richard Caliban for giving us all this chance, for writing this wonderful play with a cast of 5 women, not girls (rule his world). For assuming we could do things we couldn’t, but because he thought we could, we did. Stef was new to acting, I’d never played bass or drums before, very little acting either, Deej had never touched a drum kit and she’s our drummer, I don’t think Bekk had sung much harmony, and well Jane had done all of it and more, but with structure. This was less of a play, more of a Rock Band, and that was brand new for our Janey. So…we wrestled and itched and scratched and sang and acted and played together since 2009, and low and behold, we became a cohesive unit. I mean we learned to play our instruments and work together. Sometimes it wasn’t graceful at all! Often it was angelic. Because even though we were cast in these roles, well, I’ll speak for myself, I came to truly love these people. Yeah, there were times I wanted to slap them silly, and I know damn well they felt the same about me. But at the same time we are puzzle pieces that fit together. When the chips were down, we were all there. From moves to pneumonia to divorce to family illnesses/deaths, broken hearts to broken bones, substance issues, loony bins, paper cuts. We’ve been there. And we’re not telling you who had which going on, either. Love. That’s what I have for my flying team. Love, and respect and gratitude.

I know I’m standing taller than when we started.


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