Dana & Jed

Dana & Jed, or me and Jed as I like to call us, is (are?) a Ukulele etc. duo. Some words that supposedly describe us: Singer-Songwriter, acoustic, multi-instrumental, ethereal, lilting, original, international (played a song at the wonderful Zoe Lewis’s gig at Ilcanto in Puerto Vallarta, very generous of dear Zoe and her feather dancing Sharon.)

We range from rock and roll to and dreamlike to country, folk, bluegrass, pop and beyond.

Instruments: Baritone and tenor ukuleles, Ubass, Guitaron, mountain dulcimer, bongos, toeborine, tongue drum, glockenspiel, a host of fun multicultural percussion toys.

We’ve played Chatham Christmas Stroll at the Chatham Wine Bar, Harwich Junior Theatre,  The Concert Series at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Chatham, and we figure soon, the rest of the world.

We’re working on an album which will be out this summer and sold on our worldwide tour.

bed rehearsal d&j hands


Version 2 50574827_10212527272528654_1516194356808122368_n Dana & Jed Dana, Jed & Zoe Ilcanto Mexico 2:2019 at 7.03.29 PM Dana & Jed Ilcanto, Puero Vallarta, 2, 2019. 2019-03-07 at 7.01.53 PM

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