14th Sep 2012

Uke Phenomenon

My father gave my mother a Favilla Baritone Ukulele on their wedding day. My mother sang me to sleep at night with it, her and my favorite song was “Dream...

31st Jul 2012
Dana Sings Lincoln Center Ourland 2012 with Joe Hurley conducting, Tish & Snooky, Tami Lynn, and Sheryl Marshall, the boys from Blue Coupe, (Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult) and Music Director Chris Flynn

OurLand, Lincoln Center Out of Doors 7.29.12. WOWWWWW.

  Dreaming. I must have been dreaming. My Aunt Wendie put it well, she said she’d be excited to stand on that stage and not do anything. I had that...

16th Jul 2012
Dana McCoy and Joe Hurley @ Ourland Launch

OurLand Festival, Lincoln Center, July 29th, 2012

Recently a hurricane named Joe Hurley hit my life. I was flowing along fine watching Netflix and going about my work at Theatre 80. Now sleep, Pilades, food; all things...

01st May 2012
MoM Glory

MoM. We did it.

Stef Seskin, Jane Keitel, Donna Jean Fogel, Bekka Lindstrom, and Dana McCoy  Wow. What a rush. I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am to have sung and...

05th Mar 2012
Left - Ingrid (Dana McCoy) w/Melissa (Bekka Lindstrom)

MoM! Get’em While They’re HOT, and boy, are they…

So, a couple of years ago now, August 2009 to be exact, I was part of a cast of a show called MoM, A Rock Concert Musicalwhich won Outstanding Musical...

21st Dec 2011
Winter Solstice 2011 Update

Winter Solstice 2011 Update

Hello readers, friends, and other fishes in the sea My last post was September 27th. It’s now very nearly Christmas. Time warp. Keeps happening. So, here’s the deal since then....

27th Sep 2011
The Names–

The Names–

How do you say thank you? As I typed this list of names of people who contributed to my campaign to go to the Edinburgh Fringe, I got chills. Adriano...

16th Sep 2011


So weird. I’m in my apartment, curled up on my couch with laptop, take out food, pj’s, sleep in my eyes. How can this be. How can that fabulous adventure...

25th Aug 2011
3 shows left

3 shows left

No WAY. I can’t believe my last post was after the first two shows, and now there are only three left. How can it be? I knew it would be...

07th Aug 2011
First two shows

First two shows

Ok, so i moved from the Abbey Lodge which had cows outside it to the center of town today. I’m in Edinburgh University housing, with a lovely friend from NY,...